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The history of the Commando Foundation

Since 1942 approximately 8,500 commandos and commando parachutists have been successfully trained. At present some 5,000 are patrons of the Commando Foundation. This shows an extremely high standard of organization and is unparalleled in the Dutch army. This undoubtedly reflects the special bond and solidarity of a group of people closely united by the commando spirit, their collectively experienced hardships and a strong esprit de corps. On 18 February 1952 this special bond and esprit de corps resulted in the foundation of the Commando Association for commandos and ex-commandos. Since 1952 a Commando foundation existed concurrently with the Commando Association which was concerned with establishing and maintaining the traditions of the Corps. As a continuation of the Weapon Tradition Board Infantry in 1978 this foundation also became Corps Tradition Board. In 1982 owing to practical reasons it was decided for the Commando Association to be absorbed in the Commando Foundation.

Korps Commandotroepen
The Corps consists of the Korps Commandotroepen and its parent units. The parent units of the Korps Commandotroepen are No 2 (Dutch) Troop (1942-1945), the Korps Insulinde (1942-1945), the Stormschool Bloemendaal (1945-1949) and the Regiment Speciale Troepen (1946-1950). In 1949 the Stormschool Bloemendaal was moved to the Engelbrecht van Nassaubarracks in Roosendaal. On July first, 1950 the name Stormschool Bloemendaal was changed into the Korps Commandotroepen. The foundation date of No 2 Dutch Troop, 22 March 1942, is considered to be the foundation date of the Korps Commandotroepen.