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The present Korps Commandotroepen

The present Korps Commandotroepen is assigned to plan and conduct special operations within the sphere of allied defence and crisis management and to provide training for units of 1 (Ge/NL) Armycorps and cadre schools.

The major task of the KCT, a special unit of the Royal Netherlands Army, is versatile. Special operations are performed by small units that are deployed in enemy territory with special equipment. In the performance of their missions the commandos have to be able to cope for themselves.

Assignments KCT

  • To prepare and conduct all conceivable operations from the full range of Special Operations.
  • To participate simultaneously in two peacekeeping operations with a maximum of four teams each.
  • To be self-reliant in combat service support and administration.
  • To act as Doctrine Centre for Special Operations.
  • To provide internal and external training.